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From the President


Words from the President:


Hello Lacers,

We had several members attend the IOLI convention and some of the reports are included in this issue. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I was not able to attend this year due to family commitments, a trip to Hawaii. As usual I took my lace with me, however I was so busy I did not take it out of the case. Then we took a trip to see the Ark Encounter, again taking my lace. I did try to work on it on the bus, found out why I have worked on this pillow very often. I do have a few ideas to correct my issue, I will see how it goes. I think I can say have lace withdrawal.

Looking forward, we have the demo season coming up. Our busy season is September and October, what is yours? Do you take pictures, can you let us know what you are doing?

We have not had a lace pattern submitted in several years. (We are grateful to Brigitte Bellown and Christa Burr for allowing us to include the Chrismon in lace patterns) So I thought I would mention it now. We encourage members to submit hearts for the front page of the newsletter. We also use them for our birthday cards. I am not sure if we will have the Christmas card exchange this year, but if we do please join in the fun.

Happy Lacing!