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Challenge and Winners 2000

"There is a Heart in here somewhere"


We are asking you to design a piece of lace which can be used as a greeting card (or put in a frame.)

The pricking must be used as printed.  Do not enlarge or reduce the size. There are a lot of holes within a rectangle, but you do not have to use all of them. Skip the ones you do not like or need, but ... DO NOT MAKE NEW HOLES!  You may even turn the pricking sideways or upside down.  You may use a gimp. Anything goes - except new holes.


The Winners

Champion Judging

1st Place: Anne Koch

2nd Place: Brigitte Bellon

Master Judging

1st Place: Maria Lehner

2nd Place: Birgit Schoop

3rd Place: Jutta Riemschoss