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Challenge 2001

"Lace With Four Corners"



The pricking must be used as printed. Do not enlarge or reduce the size. You find a lot of pin holes, but you do not have to use all of them. SKIP THE HOLES you do not like or need, but ... DO NOT MAKE NEW HOLES! You may use a gimp. You may use white or color. Anything goes - except new holes. 

All challenge projects will be on display during the Paducah Quilt Show April 2001, and returned in your envelope afterwards. Please print your name and address clearly. While all reasonable care will be given to your lace, the HLG assumes no liability for insurance, damage or loss.




Champion Judging

1st Place: Ursula Bohatsch, Graz, Austri

2nd Place: Maria Lehner-Mueller, Beatenberg, Switzerland


3rd Place: Brigitte Bellon, Reutlingen, Germany

4th Place: Claudia Brueck, Solingen, Germany

Master Judging

1st Place: Gabriele Limberger, Ottensheim, Austria 

2nd Place: Jenny de Nysschen, Gauteng, South Africa

3rd Place: Christine Krueger, Berlin, Germany

4th Place: Gerda Koch, Dresden, Germany

Special Awards
Ingrid Donat, Wees, Germany Carol Osterheld, Madison, Alabama, USA