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Challenge and Winners 1999

This was the challenge:


Use the following pricking to make a bookmark.

The pricking must be used as printed. Do not enlarge or reduce size. You see a lot of holes within a rectangle, but you do not have to use all of them. Skip the ones you do not like, but ... DO NOT MAKE NEW HOLES! You may start and end your lace straight across, start and end in a point, or on an angle, or use any combination you like. The edge can be straight or scalloped. Tassels and fringes are allowed and you may use a gimp. The decisions are yours as long as you do not make any new holes.

HAVE FUN! Create your own very special BOOKMARK.

ch99prick.gif (21195 bytes)

Winners 1999

Brigitte Bellon
Reutlingen, Germany
Anne Koch
Dresden, Germany
Ingrid Donat
Flensburg, Germany
ch991p.gif (41291 bytes) ch992p.gif (51986 bytes) ch993p.gif (38280 bytes)
Because everybody was so amazed how different all the pieces were, even though they were made on the same pricking, we made a booklet with all the pieces.  Each of the 28 pieces of lace was scanned and printed in color.   Several pieces have prickings with directions.  Everyone represented in the book received a complementary copy of the booklet.